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Live In Care4U believes that the following statements best describe the values within which we seek to operate on a daily basis

-  We believe that each client in our care has the fundamental right to:
-  Be regarded  as an individual and given our special attention;
-  Be cared for by people who are capable of understanding their needs and competent to meet those needs;
-  Be treated equally, and no less favourably than others;
-  Receive respect and understanding regarding their cultural, religious and spiritual beliefs;
-  Receive prompt attention in relation to all of their healthcare needs;
-  Be safe, feel loved and always know that “someone cares”;
-  Be informed about all important decisions that affect them, and to have a say;
-  Be afforded privacy for themselves and their belongings;
-  Have the opportunity to think independently, and make their own choices;
-  Complain about anything they feel is unfair or unjust, and to have that complaint listened and responded to.

The agency commits to:

Working with each client, social workers, relatives, carers (as appropriate) and all others associated with his/her care towards identifying, implementing and reviewing a personal care plan which adequately reflects his/her needs at any one time;

Promoting independent living, working within the client’s range of abilities and competencies;

Delivering care, in the client’s home in a manner which is non-discriminatory, sensitive to the cultural needs of the client and respectful of their environment and traditions;

Providing a high-quality flexible, responsive and non – intrusive service that is tailored to the needs of the individual;

Ensuring that confidential information is protected at all times and only shared with others strictly in accordance with its policy on confidentiality;

We aim to provide a flexible, efficient, value for money quality care and support service

Live In Care4U is a none discriminatory and shall serve all Service Users regardless of race,nationality,language,religion or beliefs or social standing

Our objective is the provision of a high quality professional organisation that is committed to assisting the service user to maintain their quality of life and to remain in their own home with comfort.
Live In Care4 U Ltd is CQC regulated

Registered Care Manager and Owner Simone von Steiger is
CQC Registered and monitored yearly and have to comply to national Care Qaulity standards.

Live In Care staff:

Through its robust recruitment and selection policy the agency undertakes to employ only those persons it believes have the requisite skills, education, training, prior work experience and attitude which will complement and enhance the quality of care we deliver.

 All staff are provided with an induction training programme and further ongoing training, appraisal, supervision and support as needed.

All job applicants are required to apply for enhanced disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau in order that the agency may be satisfied that they are appropriate persons to look after clients and/or shall be registered with the Independent Safeguarding Authority.

All of the agency’s care workers either have the minimum induction of the care certificate, National Vocational Qualification in Care (at either level 2, or level 3) or are committed to studying for this qualification.

Care workers are assigned to Clients on the understanding that they have the requisite qualifications, skills, experience and aptitude to look after them properly.